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Welcome by ShoeTech

Specialized in shoelaces and gel insoles since 2010. We are pleased to unburden importers and wholesalers, our target audience. From the start of getting your enquiry or order, we pay full 100% attention to it. In a loyal and driven way, we take care of it, so you may relax.

In this site you will see pictures of various existing models, but we are always eager to develop new styles in consultation with you. Please feel always free to share your wishes! On behalf of the ShoeTech team,

Fred Loonen | Owner

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"Knowing what is going on in the market, we are the absolute specialist"

Why choose ShoeTech?

The key phrase here is peace of mind. As the world has grown much smaller and more transparent in recent years, most European customers are able to import items such as shoelaces & gel-based products from the Far East themselves.

However, this comes with obstacles, such as quality issues or high shipping costs and associated delays. ShoeTech knows exactly what is happening on the European market with both these product groups - we are total specialists.

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