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We use a variety of braiding machines to produce various types of shoelace using all kinds of materials, including cotton or polyester in particular. A very broad range for various types of shoe, such as women's, men's, children's, outdoor, sports, sneakers and work shoes.

Manufactured in such a way that the laces often outlive the shoes, are suitably stretchy where necessary, do not fray and just stay put all day long.

Special dyes have been selected meaning the laces will not discolor, so they can be relied upon to remain colorfast. We, or our suppliers, have also achieved certification to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which restricts the use of substances harmful to the health of end-users.

The following types of shoelace are available as standard in our range

  • Round laces (thin-medium-thick)

  • Flat laces (narrow-wide)

  • Round waxed laces (thin-medium-thick)

  • Flat waxed laces (narrow-wide)

  • Oval laces

  • Elasticated laces

The shoelaces above are technically available in any RAL or PANTONE shade, so the choice is huge. Through mixing various colors, modern sneakers in particular can be pimped up to make them more appealing. Laces are supplied in retail packaging, so our customers can send them straight out to stores or end- users.

Available packaging includes the following

  • Shoelaces in blister packaging

  • Shoelaces in cartons

  • Shoelaces in display packaging

  • Elasticated shoelaces in cartons

All packaging is printed with the customer's own graphics, as designed either by themselves or in conjunction with ShoeTech. This includes barcodes.

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