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About ShoeTech

ShoeTech was set up in 2010 by Fred Loonen, as a subsidiary of Dynatex BV. After years of experience in the world of braiding shoelaces at Tilburg-based firm Eurocord, it was time to go it alone and put personal vision into practice.

The first step was to set up a production facility in China, then expand the range with all sorts of gel- based products for the shoe sector. Gel was an up-and-coming material at the time, and existing customers for shoelaces were asking for it. As a result, at the same site where the shoelaces are produced, a start has been made on installing various kinds of machinery designed to produce items including gel insoles.

The range of shoelaces and gel insoles has grown considerably over the years, and is now supplied to various manufacturers, importers and wholesalers across Europe, with particular emphasis on sales in the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Why choose ShoeTech?

The key phrase here is peace of mind. As the world has grown much smaller and more transparent in recent years, most European customers are able to import items such as shoelaces & gel-based products from the Far East themselves. However, this comes with obstacles, such as quality issues or high shipping costs and associated delays.
ShoeTech knows exactly what is happening on the European market with both these product groups - we are total specialists. By attending a host of European shoe fairs, we know precisely which styles our customers should be offering in their portfolio. This optimization leads to higher sales revenues - a win-win situation for all concerned.


ShoeTech takes weekly deliveries of its products from China, and maintains inventory at its own warehouse in Oisterwijk. This means that, after allowing lead time for production in China, we can deliver from Oisterwijk within a few working days. Meaning short delivery turnarounds.

ShoeTech does not distribute its own brand; items leaving our premises are either bulk-packed, where customers take care of packaging themselves, or in ready-to-use retail packaging, so customers can get product out immediately without having to do anything further. For the latter case, we therefore offer private label packaging. Artwork is often created and supplied directly by our customers, but naturally we now have so much experience in this area that customers can expect every assistance when it comes to graphic design.

Besides in-house manufacture of shoelaces and gel-based products, ShoeTech has close contacts with various manufacturers of other shoe-related products, including brushes, shoe trees and the like. ShoeTech increasingly operates as a sourcing agent in China for both new and existing partners in Europe.

Finally, we are delighted to say that we are members of the Amfori BSCI organization in Brussels, which ensures that we trade in a socially responsible way and that sustainability is of paramount importance. Our production facilities are regularly audited, so that manufacturing processes and everything related can improve continuously.

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