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Gel Insoles

ShoeTech supplies a wide range of gel insoles, suitable for various shoe types. TPR (thermoplastic rubber) is used in the manufacture, and we use TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to make the gel self-adhesive (so it stays in the shoe). Both materials are supplied by reputable European companies such as BASF. The gel is gentle on the skin and can be washed by hand.

What are the principal benefits of using gel?

Gel insoles absorb shock when walking or running, relieving joints such as the knees in particular. This improves comfort when walking or running. These gel insoles can also be supplied with a Coolmax top layer, so moisture is rapidly dissipated and your shoes stay dry and fresh for longer. Another material that can be used is antibacterial fabric, to prevent shoe odor. Full-length gel insoles come in various sizes, either as one-size-fits-all, or in single and double sizes.

As well as full-length insoles, we also have gel pads for the forefoot or the heel.
The gel forefoot pad effectively stops the foot slipping forward while walking. It also relieves
tiredness while out walking. The gel is soft and stays put, thanks to a thin layer of adhesive. Intended particularly for pumps or high-heeled shoes. Heel gel pads are for both men and women. They are used the same way, only the size is different. The pads help with heel conditions such as pain from bone spurs.


Various options are available when it comes to packaging: blister packs, or sustainable printed cardboard packaging. ShoeTech only handles private label requests and is happy to contribute to the graphic design process.

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